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Welcome to PharmSquad

(855) 327-7823
(855) 32 SQUAD

We hare a HIGH END delivery service in southern Orange County. Our service is from the 55 freeway south to San Clemente.

Our menu is TOP SHELF and lab tested. We pride ourselves on our service and guarantee you smiles

Our Mission:

“Enhancing lives through medical cannabis”
We accomplish this by providing high-end cannabis products that solve real problems. Our conduct not only elevates the image of our industry but allows us to empower our circle of influence through pride in achieving excellence.  In short, we kick ass and we’re not douche bags

There’s a $50.00 minimum donation per delivery. If you spend under $50.00, there is a $10.00 delivery fee.

Every patient must have their California State ID and Medical Marijuana Rec/ID.

Blaze on!
Team PharmSquad

FTP Deals:

Every FTP thats spends over $100 receives a free 1/8th of their choice.
Every FTP that spends under $100 receives a TOP-SELF pre-roll or gram.