Do you deliver to my area?
-We deliver to all of the following cities:
Costa Mesa
New Port
Lake Forest
Laguna/Hills, Woods, Niguel, Beach
Rancho Santa Margarita
Mission Viejo
Aliso Viejo
Ladera Ranch
Dana Point
San Clemente
Anaheim Hills

Is there a minimum donation?
-Yes, our minimum donation is $50.

Can I have my delivery in a parking lot or on the street?
– Nope.  We want to be respectful to our communities so we only do deliveries on private property… Like your house, apartment or office.

Do I need a doctors recommendation to order from PharmSquad?
– We comply with all state laws, anything the law requires we also require… So yes, each patient must have a current Rec and valid California ID.  You will be asked for these when you become a member of our collective.

Is there a maximum to how much I can order?
Yes.  Let’s not go crazy.  Remember this is medicine…We will let you know if it’s beyond the limit.

Do you lab test your meds?
-Yes, we test all the flower on our menu to ensure safety and potency for our patients.

Do you accept cash or credit cards?
– We are cash ONLY

Do you have a referral program? Do I get anything if I refer my friend or spouse?
-Yes, you will receive a free 1/8th for your referral… Here’s how it works.  You refer someone to PharmSquad, that person becomes a member and places an order. When they order they must mention your name so we can note the referral on your account.  The next time you order and spend the minimum $50 you will receive your free 1/8th.

Do you have any first time patient deals?
Yes, first time patients get a free 1/8th of their choice when they spend over $100, or a TOP-SELF pre-roll or gram when they spend under $100!

What if I don’t like what I bought?
– No prob, let us know.  We’ll replace it.  If this is an ongoing issue or if we feel you are taking advantage of our system, we’ll decide how to proceed on a case by case basis.

What if I get cranky because my delivery didn’t work out the way I expected?
-We always strive for excellence and we want you to have a great experience… That said we are human and sometimes mistakes happen.  If things don’t work out as planned please give us the opportunity to make it right.  I’m sure we can turn that frown upside down.

What if PharmSquad is so awesome I want to marry it?
– We will entertain and consider all marriage proposals and it’s best if you profess your love in the form a of review on Weedmaps.com or leafy.com.