MVP Program

mvp_logoOur Most Valued Patients experience the following benefits:

  • First dibs on new products
  • Priority delivery service
  • Best prices
  • First notification on specials and deals
  • Special games and prizes

How the MVP experience is different:

  • MVPs are assigned a PharmSquad concierge. They will be your direct contact for orders and will customize your cannabis experience.
  • To ensure a high end prompt experience we are only accepting 50 MVPs.
  • There are no monthly dues but MVPs spend a minimum of $100 per month.

How to become a PharmSquad MVP:

  1. Have a minimum of 3 PharmSquad deliveries.
  2. Complete and submit our MVP application form (below).
  3. Once approved, your PharmSquad concierge will contact you to welcome you into the group.
  4. If there are no MVP spots available you can be added to our waiting list.

To join our MVP program complete and submit the form below.

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Reason for wanting to join the PharmSquad MVP Program:

Please read and confirm each of the following before submitting

I have had a minimum of 3 PharmSquad deliveries:
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I agree to the monthly minimum purchase of $100:
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I promise to be prompt and on time for PharmSquad deliveries and appointments:
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I will be courteous and respectful to my PharmSquad providers:
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